Kalanchoe Panda golden/ Teddy Bear

Kalanchoe Panda golden/ Teddy Bear

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Kalanchoe tomentosa 'Teddy Bear' is a shrub-like succulent plant with short leaves that are densely covered in brownish felt. It is a kalanchoe, and therefore originates in Madagascar. Its flowers are small, furry, and bell-shaped. Teddy Bear prefers a porous soil with adequate drainage. Protect from frost and provide bright light. It is hardy to 36°F, and can grow to 10" tall or above. Water thoroughly when the soil is dry. Tomentosa is a popular houseplant with dark-red rimmed, velvety foliage. The kalanchoe tomentosa grows up to approximately 45cm with a thick stem that produces branches and many groups of leaves, once it matures. It is easy to care for.